What's your New Year's resolution?

Conclusion #1

Yeah, yeah . . . . time to turn it around and start being nicer.

Didn't you say you were going to start jogging more? ;)

3 thoughts on “Conclusion #1

  1. Eeverybody ought to learn how to cook real food. When I was a kid, girls got Home Economics (basic cooking and sewing) in 7th grade, and boys got shop class (how to use tools, simple auto repairs) . By the time my son was in seventh grade, both genders got both classes, so boys learned how to follow a recipe and sew on a button, and the girls learned how to change a tire and check their car’s oil, and how to use an electric drill safely. Schools also ought to teach things like how to blanace a checkbook and how to apply for a job.

    1. Agreed on all counts. Also, it can be hard for some people to eat well when they’ve grown up on crap like TV dinners and have become accustomed to it. Still, it’s never too late to at least try to change!

  2. Oh, dogs can be trained to do better.

    But I read a nice one recently:,
    cleaning up is only necessary when the WiFi signal can’t get through.

    Meh, well done, guy!
    It’s hard to let the favourite fruits of your childhood go.

    Best wishes,

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