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Argument #6

I will at least say this - this wasn't my buddy's fault as much as it was his roommate at the time, who was barely sentient and couldn't really do much of anything except not wash dishes, leave out food and spill stuff. Thankfully this roommate was relatively short-lived.

That said, you got roaches, dogg.

7 thoughts on “Argument #6

  1. Roaches? Yuck….

    My now-wife lived in the attic above a butcher. In the cellar, there were always roaches.
    He kept it clean, but it did change my view of these little critters.

    1. I’ve lived in a pre-war New York City tenement – I know how persistent roaches can be even under ideal circumstances. That said, what is depicted here is NOT ideal circumstances. 🙂

      1. Yeah.
        Depends on the view point though.
        The roaches find that rather close to ideal circumstances….

        Does the deer cross the road, or does the road cross the forest?
        Did Columbus discover America, or did the native Americans discover Columbus lost at sea?

  2. Any place where several people share living quarters is going to have roaches. I once stayed in a hotel that was supposed to be fairly classy, while I was in the process of moving into this house. The bathroom was overrun with roaches, and I was glad it was wintertime. I left the truck with all my furniture in it parked outside the house overnight when the temperature was in the 20s, which killed all the bugs.

    1. Freezin’ ’em out is a good trick. Hear it works on bedbugs, too!

  3. I’m in the cabinet. It’s me.

    1. I like your new apartment, much more spacious than the old one!

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