Argument #10

Falling asleep on the bus or train isn't too bad, at least not as bad as falling asleep during a meal.

Boy, you are gonna drown in a bowl of soup someday doing that!

One thought on “Argument #10

  1. At least dogs seldom fall asleep right on your face, like cats seem to prefer….

    Time for a long-by real life story:
    I’ve once left a friend sitting in the train.
    Told him I did try to wake him , but when the bus driver woke and complained about me screaming at his passenger, that I had to stop. (I was careful NOT to wake him…)

    Man, he was angry…. 🙂

    Made a good chase in the schoolyard the next day. (friendly banter chase)

    He had to go three stops further than me anyway…. But he only noticed I left after five stops or so….
    But a few minutes before his stop is a really bumpy and sharp corner.
    I wonder to this day how the bus driver was able to drive that corner without my friend falling off the bench…
    (I made sure he was leaning so that the corner would have high chances to throw him off the seat – even told some others in the bus why I did so. – I think they joined the fun, and may have supported him in that corner…)

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